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Dana King Pursues Her Art Career

Dana King, an award-winning Bay Area television fixture for 15 years, announced Wednesday that she is stepping down from her anchor post at KPIX (CBS 5) to pursue her art career."I've kind of been living my life in two worlds," said Dana, who a few years ago began working toward earning her MFA from the School of Fine Art Sculpture at Academy of Art University. "I'm certainly proud of my achievements in journalism, but I also have this passion for my art. I guess it just came down to which world I wanted to be in at this point in my life." The Academy student bemoaned the fact that when it came time to leave for the station, she would be forced to leave behind her sculpting and "clean the crud out of her hair and fingernails." In a news release, Dana's longtime co-anchor, Ken Bastida, said, "I am honored to have shared co-anchoring duties with Dana, but as I have seen her transition from journalist to artist, I am happy to see her pursue this next phase of her life."
Huffington Post - Dec. 6

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