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Fashion Student Designs TwoChic

Designer TC Alvarez-Sibal says for a dress to look special, it has to have a bit of embellishment and a few pops of color and texture here and there. But embroidery, appliqué and beadwork do not have to make a piece look stiff and difficult to wear. TC believes the wearer should not be limited to mixing and matching a top with either jeans or shorts. It’s a constant challenge, and although TC didn’t have any background in fashion prior to attending Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion, she and her younger sister Ana Alvarez-Laygo are now the owners and designers of TwoChic. The Academy student now has a ready-to-wear fashion line that maintains her desire to make the clothes “exclusive,” allowing each piece to come in multiple sizes, but in limited quantities.

Inquirer – April 4, 2013

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