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Hershey Design Excellence Award

The Hershey Co. recently partnered with Academy of Art University to provide students with a hands-on package-design opportunity. School of Graphic Design students were asked to create a customized heart box design for Hershey's Pot of Gold chocolates to help give the collection a contemporary, fresh look for the 2013 Valentine's Day season. In recognition of the school's efforts, The Hershey Co. also donated $20,000 to Academy of Art University for the creation of the Hershey Design Excellence Award. Besides the recognition, each awarded student receives $1000.This year, the Bachelors in Fine Arts recipient was Elliot Tran from San Francisco, CA, while the Masters in Arts recipient was Astra Sondarsono from Indonesia. The remaining donation from The Hershey Co. will be awarded in each category at both the university's winter and spring shows for the next several years.
Packaging Digest - August 15

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