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School of Fashion Instructor Finds Freedom Through Fashion

When School of Fashion instructor, Camelia Skikos, was a teenager, she experienced the jean envy that is familiar to school-aged children everywhere. But her challenge in owning the right pair of 501s was complicated; in communist Romania, jeans simply weren't available unless you had a connection. She couldn't have imagined that just 15 years later, she'd be designing custom Levi's for celebrities at the company's San Francisco headquarters. Since leaving Levi's to launch her own label in 2009, Skikos has become known for architectural shapes and a restrained hand that hark back to the uniforms of her youth. "She has a great sense of her own personal style…. A beautiful line and sense of color and graphics," said Simon Ungless, Academy of Art University’s Director of the School of Fashion. Skikos says, "Fashion can give a great amount of freedom. No matter what times we live in, it can allow people to be who they want to be."

SFGate – Jan 25th

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