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School of Photography Student Captures San Francisco Residences' Plight

1049 Market Street is a seven-story, 83-unit building located between Sixth and Seventh Streets in San Francisco, CA. There are about 100 tenants, mostly artists, who reside in these live-work spaces. Units vary in size and rent, with the residents typically paying less than or around $1000 a month. Several tenants in this live-work mid-Market building are suing the landlords, alleging the use of harassment to force them out as the property will be more lucrative as office space. The building owner said there is no merit to the claims. Academy of Art University’s School of Photography student Madelene Farin produced a photo documentary project on the residents’ plight. Her images stir concerns about gentrification forcing out low-income and creative people; an issue that has continued to gather steam among protesters as evictions have mounted across the city. The Academy student had captured images of protesters along with some of the residences’ living situations.

SFGate – Jan 9th

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