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Ultrasylvania Unleashed on Two Coasts

Academy of Art University’s first edition of their Comic Collaborative, Ultrasylvania, made its debut on both coasts in San Francisco and at New York Comic-Con simultaneously – a claim that no other book can make. Ultrasylvania is a graphic novel drawn by a handpicked group of Illustration students at Academy of Art University, featuring a story about what the world would have been like if Frankenstein and Dracula ruled Europe during the 1800′s. Written by Brain Schirmner, a comic book writing instructor at the Academy, and directed by Jeremy Saliba, another Academy instructor, this book is a great read, with an anthology feel due to the many artists who contributed. It’s essentially the Game of Thrones  with monsters, and keeps readers coming back for more. You can read this story online at www.ultrasylvania.com.

Bleeding Cool Oct 22

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