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Careers in Advertising Photography

If you have an interest in photography, there are many careers in which you can use your passion. One exciting and rewarding career is advertising photographer.

Your main goal is to draw the viewer into the advertisement and excite their curiosity and interest. Advertising photographers must learn about the target audience in order to effectively communicate the core benefits of the product or service advertised. Your photos should entice the consumer through each advertisement and campaign.

In a career in advertising photography, you need various abilities from the worlds of art, business, marketing and advertising. Once you have a photography degree, you build on those abilities and principles, combining all you have learned to become successful.

One of the key components of advertising is visual marketing. Without this, advertisements are simply words on a page. Using a compelling image, an advertisement can captivate and engage its audience.

Images have a significant influence on advertisements, making advertising photography a key ingredient in the mix of marketing, media and advertising. Emerging photographers develop their abilities and define their style while pursuing their photography degrees.

As with many photography careers, advertising photographers can work as a freelancer or for a company. As a freelancer, your jobs may vary. Within a company, you are a part of the team and will work on advertising campaigns and other projects. Both are excellent ways to begin a career in advertising photography upon finishing your photography degree.

An advertising photographer is an important part of the advertising team. Capturing photographs to attract consumers can be a challenging job but, if executed correctly, will result in a successful and exhilarating career.

At Academy of Art University’s School of Photography, students develop their abilities in Advertising, Documentary, Fashion or Fine Art Photography. Students learn from professional photographers who bring their experience into the classroom. With classes online and in San Francisco, Academy of Art University guides emerging photographers to professional futures.

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