Preparing for Arrival

Make a Rent Payment

To make a rent payment, log on to the Student Self Service portal with your username and password. You may also make a rent payment by calling the Accounts Receivable office at 1-800-544-2787 or 1-415-274-2200 (from outside the USA).

Check the Paperwork

Please read through and complete the appropriate documents prior to your arrival:

Items to Bring

Extra Long (XL) sheets and comforters (most beds are XL), towels, pillows, toiletry items, alarm clock, hangers, pillows, hair dryer, laundry basket, laundry detergent, toilet paper, umbrella, first-aid items, flashlight, kitchen utensils and cookware (if living in one of our apartment buildings), shower curtain, and school supplies. There is limited space to store items and clothing within each room, so please be mindful of what you decide to bring with you for your first semester.

Equipment Registration

Write down the make, model, color, serial number, and estimated value of all of your electronic equipment, and camera equipment and register these items with Campus Safety during your move-in period. This will allow Campus Safety to identify the owner of these items if they are ever lost or stolen.

Included in Your Room

Housing provides each resident with basic furnishings: mobile drawer unit (wire baskets), drafting table, stool, desk lamp, bed frame (most of the beds are bunk beds), and a mattress.

Items Not to Bring

Toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, coffee makers, extra refrigerators (only one per room and no bigger than 2.6 cubic ft.), microwaves (apartments are permitted to have microwaves), George Foreman Grills, halogen lamps, space heaters, incense or candles or other open flame items, alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia, weapons, large stereo equipment or large speakers, furniture (including futons, bean bag chairs, bookshelves, chairs, sofa/loveseat). Pets of any kind (including reptiles/fish) are not permitted within the residence halls.

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