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Directed Study

Directed study is the graduate student's primary focus as a Master's candidate. Directed study enables the graduate student to focus on the creation and completion of an independently conceived and committee-approved final thesis project, and only after passing a midpoint review. Throughout the required 12–18 units of directed study, graduate students have the following options:

  • Take a class for directed study credit [800]
  • Participate in group directed study [801]
  • Participate in thesis forum [802]
  • Take an internship for directed study credit (maximum of six units) [900]

Upon successful completion of the directed study units and the final thesis project, the graduate student is then eligible for final review and the presentation of work before a formal review committee.

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Institutional Review Board

The purpose of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Institutional Review Guidelines at the Academy of Art University is to safeguard the physical, social, and emotional well being of human research subjects—individuals from whom information is obtained by researchers. The information is used as primary research in the preparation of Masters theses or independent projects.

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Graduate Advising Guideline & Timeline

Graduate Advising provides information and support that will enable you to successfully plan your graduate academic program and educational goals.
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