The Academy Resource Center (ARC) Tutoring Labs and Department Workshops are now a single support service: ARC Workshops & Tutoring.

ARC Workshops and Tutoring has many offerings, both department and course-specific workshops as well as tutoring for special skills.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of these free services to help with their classes and assignments. ARC Workshops and Tutoring should not be regarded as a substitute for attending class, and is effective only in conjunction with continued, regular weekly attendance and full participation in class.

Unless otherwise noted, most Workshops begin Week 3 and run through Week 13. Please check individual schedules or contact tutoring@academyart.edu for more information.

ARC Workshops & Tutoring are offered Week 3 through Week 13.

SPRING 2017 links coming soon!

Questions? Please contact us at tutoring@academyart.edu.

Here’s What Students Had to Say

"…the Share My Screen feature is so hands-on — you can't miss a step. I enjoy the prompt responses and the comprehension and experience… The ARC Online Labs will be one of the first things I recommend to future online students."

Freddie, Illustration, Elk Grove, CA

"This is just amazing. I have been so pleased with the high quality of instruction… When I was first researching it I wondered, 'How in the world do they teach art classes on line?' And now I know. Good stuff."

Marybeth, Fine Art, Pacific, CA

"This was my first lab and I found it to be very helpful. The instructor was patient and took the time to fully explain the answers to my questions. I like that you can share images with them on the screen. It makes communicating the problems much easier."

Lindsey, Illustration, Livermore, CA

ARC Onsite Workshops by Department

Drop-In Only - No Appointment Needed

ARC Onsite Tutoring Lab Schedule

Sign up for a 50-minute appointment at tutortrac.academyart.edu or drop in.

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