Alexandra Neyman

Communication & ARH 210 Coordinator
School of Architecture

Alexandra Neyman holds both a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan. She also attended School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan, as well as Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, and Schusev’s School of Art and Design in Russia.

Alex’s academic interests and experimental research aim to integrate theoretical morphological studies, actively utilizing data from a wide range of sources and fields such as: biology, chemistry, medicine, critical theory, philosophy, and so on.

Through operative research and mapped behavioral simulations, this work aims to generate new principles for design and invent new spatial logics and organizations that have an influence on physiologies of form. This kind of research tries to promote new materialism through spatial dynamics in the production of form and with distinct biases to differentiated repetition, variation, aggregation, unusual couplings, extreme hybrid systems and spatial anomalies.

The work keeps with the spirit of critical generative matters and thinking, operative parametric design logics, actionable processes, complex form making and experimental urges.

Alex’s thesis project, “Mapping Heterotopia: accelerating Capitalist space” analytically explored the influence of capitalism on space making, seeking to exploit the emerging market logics in Russia, as a catalyst for new architectural possibilities.

This project is a current and ongoing research of mapping processes. The research is dedicated to exploring speculative and practical rapid acceleration of the globalization, urbanism and capitalism and the convulsing conditions of the market economy, as well as developing new perspectives on critical issues in contemporary Russia and its various effects on design practices.

The work is made primarily through drawings and explores the relational territory between drawing, narrative, and spatial occupation at an urban scale, scale of a section and a detail simultaneously. The production of drawn explorations here, lends the work another rich topical orientation: the very nature of the architectural representation. The work was chosen for publication in Dimensions 19, a University of Michigan publication.

Alex had previously taught at the University of Michigan. She is a co-founder of Meta:space, which explores both speculative and practical conditions and projects in architecture, industrial, product design and things of the like.

She had previously worked for Mitchell+Mouat Architects in Ann Arbor, Designhaus in Rochester MI, and WETSU, a design+build practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While working for WETSU, Alex assisted in a traveling exhibition ‘Chicken & Fish” work of Jason Young and Neal Robinson, where managed the production of books for five projects and helped with the installation of the exhibit. “Chicken & Fish” was mounted at Edge-Studio Gallery in Pittsburgh, at the Taubman College Gallery in Ann Arbor, and at the Elmaleh Gallery at the UVA.

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