PRO PH050: Digital Photography

Capture moments on camera with a trained eye! This 7-week workshop is designed to help you embrace the art of photography by teaching you the power of exposure control and dynamic composition. Get an introduction to digital photography and learn the fundamentals of traditional photographic concepts.

At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Master the various controls on the digital camera
  • Frame and compose photographs with a more developed analytical eye
  • Successfully download files and manage digital data
  • Articulate and define terminology related to digital photography


All Online Workshops feature the following:

  • The instructor is an experienced professional and leads all online classroom activities
  • Comprehensive video demos plus interactive text presentations for all techniques covered
  • An ongoing Discussion available 24-7 for interaction with your class and for uploading assignments
  • Live weekly meetings with your instructor and classmates
Short Term Begins July 1

When: Saturdays

Term: 7-Weeks

End Date: August 12, 2017

Cost/Class: $1,325

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Offered: Onsite, Online

Prerequisites: This is only available for personal enrichment

Questions? Call Us at 1-800-544-2787

Master Instructor:
Michael Erdman

Photographer Michael Erdman creates images for advertising agencies, design firms, and clients, nationwide. His career in photography began in 1984, and eventually grew into Erdman Photography, established in San Francisco in 1991. In addition to his work as a commercial photographer, Erdman also provides business-to-business consulting and workshops in advanced photographic technique and lighting.  With imaging through advanced lighting and camera techniques, he manages to turn everyday objects into objects-of-desire, and living beings into works of art.

Do What You Love

Daryn LaBier began his journey on a military battlefield where he enjoyed taking pictures of his squad and visits to other countries.  He found himself wanting to do more with photography, which lead him to find his way to Academy of Art University where he pursued professional photography.  Today, Daryn is an esteemed freelance photographer and
photography instructor at the Academy – doing what he loves for a living.