Animation & Visual Effects

In ANM 180: Introduction to Animation Principles & Techniques you will gain hands-on experience with techniques including the media of clay, paper cutouts, found objects, pixilation, and stop motion puppets.

Drone Production

In COM 208: Fundamentals of Drone Production, students will be introduced to and gain hands-on experience with exciting capabilities presented by the emerging field of drone photography. Students will conduct aerial photography and cinematography exercises by flying various drones to create dynamic aerial footage.

Jewelry & Metal Arts

In JEM 110: Jewelry & Metal Arts 1 students will create fine metal arts objects and jewelry using precious metals and learn basic fabrication, stone setting, metal forging, chasing, simple sinking, and die forming.

Silk Screen

FA 145: Silkscreen offers an exploratory introduction to the art of prints using the direct photo emulsion stencil method of printing with water-based inks. Students develop specialized knowledge for using a variety of papers and inks to create works of fine art and contemporary communications.


PRO PH510: Digital Photography: Shooting teaches camera operations, exposure, and the essential elements of good composition.

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In FASCU 231: Ceramic Sculpture introduces the techniques of hand building with clay as well as covering clay bodies, kiln firing, and an overview of the contemporary ceramic scene.

Social Media

In PRO 315: Social Media Content Development you will focus on producing content for social media using text, video, audio, and visuals. You will learn how to develop a brand voice and choose the best social channels to reach your target audiences. You will learn to communicate with compelling stories that adapt distinctly to each channel such as Twitter, Facebook, and other established and emerging channels.

Virtual Reality

In MPT 135: Virtual Reality/360 Production: The New Frontier students will get hands-on experience working with different camera rigs, stitching footage together, and exploring storytelling techniques.

Web Design Technology

In WNM 105: Design Technology: Visual Design Tools you will cover a wide range of fundamental technologies involved in professional digital design and production. Topics include: preparing graphics with emphasis on the use of vector graphics, font technologies and typography, color manipulation, the Mac OS, production efficiencies, presentation and output methods.

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