As students progress, they learn specialized aspects of design such as monetization, unique control types, rapid development via iteration, and production methods working in teams. Students graduate with a solid grasp of the fundamental game art principles, including knowledge of game engine technology and pre-production and production environments.
Last Fate is a 3D Puzzle game that uses Oculus and Leap Motion Technology.  You are a wizard who must master the four elements to solve puzzles in a virtual reality world using different hand gestures.  It will be released on Steam sometime in 2017.
Psycho Princess is a top-down game combining classic action gameplay with a tower defense twist!  You play as Princess Kalira as she battles monsters and builds towers to escape the clutches of the evil Prince.

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Pre-College Programs

The Pre-College Art Experience Programs are programs that provide intensive art experiences for high school students. All high school students are invited to apply to take advantage of these full-tuition art scholarships (based on availability).

Continuing Education

A flexible admissions process allows students to craft their own online education program. Dive deeper into fields you're already familiar with, or branch out into new creative disciplines.

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Use the latest technology to create new worlds and bring your gaming vision to life.

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Academy of Art Works! Our successful graduates are making names for themselves in the world of game programming and have started living their dream. What will your story be?

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Careers in Game Development

Gameplay Programmer

Gameplay programmers are the heart of any game. Your job will be to bring the game to life by implementing the core gameplay mechanics. You'll work very closer with designers to build the game itself.

Systems Programmer

Systems programmers build the engine technology that runs the games. As a systems programmer, your code will power the backend of the engine and enable the creativity of the team. Graphics, networking, file systems, physics systems, and other core systems fall under this domain.

AI Programmer

Your job as an AI programmer is to write the behaviors for all NPCs and enemies. You write complex algorithms to navigate them through the world and make decisions. You are the player's worst nightmare!

Tools Programmer

Tools programmers are the unsung heroes of the games industry. Your job is to enable the other developers to build the gameplay. You will create map editors, write plug-ins, and build custom tools to enable the designer's creativity.

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Related Degrees

Game Development Degree

The Game Development curriculum gives students a well-rounded education in the arts with an emphasis on applying techniques in game design, concept art, 3D modeling, rigging, lighting, and animation.

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