Akino Tsuchiya

School of Industrial Design

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, my early years were enriched with an artistic atmosphere by a family of architects, artists and classical musicians. In a way, I couldn’t help becoming a designer. Rather than playing with doll houses, I used to build my own “amusement park” with cardboard and string for my stuffed animals. Yes, I guess I was a bit of a weird child.

I worked for Chrysler as a member of their advanced design team where I established my architectural approach to form and design. In 2006, I was named as one of the top “100 World Recognized Japanese Women” by Newsweek Japan. Since my retirement from auto industry, I’ve been teaching at a design university in San Francisco where I commute weekly from SD to support and lead future designers.

Jewelry making always has been one of my biggest passion. I love creating 3-dimensional sculptural form using various media, such as digital modeling, 3D print and wax carving/casting. I start my creation with developing many idea sketches until I find a strong theme for each piece. Combining my car design background and architectural influence, I’m passionate about creating a unique recognizable style which express my belief in artful simplicity.

Akino Tsuchiya's Work

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