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Disclosures About WASC Accreditation


Graduate School Preparatory Coursework Policy

Candidates for the Master's degree may be required to take preparatory coursework in order to meet our Graduate Admissions requirements. Department directors will assess candidates and recommend required coursework to meet our admissions requirements and best prepare them for the Master's program.


  1. Must have a bachelor's degree or the equivalent
  2. No more than six classes will be required**
  3. Preparatory graduate coursework may not be transferred into the Master's programs
  4. Only students who plan to enter into the Master's programs are eligible to take preparatory coursework
  5. All preparatory graduate coursework must be passed with a grade of C or higher before a student is fully accepted into the Master's program. If a student does not pass a class, he/she must repeat the course and pass successfully before registering for graduate coursework.
  6. Students will be charged the undergraduate tuition rate for preparatory graduate coursework.
  7. Preparatory graduate coursework may not be taken concurrently with Master's coursework
  8. English for Art (EAP) coursework will not apply toward preparatory graduate coursework

**More coursework may be required based on requirements for student visas or if students have not passed the assigned classes.

Financial Aid (for Domestic Students only):

  1. Financial Aid is available to eligible domestic students for up to 12 consecutive months
  2. Students must be registered for a minimum of 6 units to be eligible
  3. Students can repeat a previous course (C- or lower) once and have those units count towards their enrollment status when determining financial aid eligibility. Students should contact financial aid to determine eligibility if they need to repeat coursework more than once.

International Students:

  1. On-Campus International Students are required to take 9 units each semester in order to stay in the United States
  2. Candidates may be required to take English for Art (EAP) classes depending on the test score from the English Placement Exam in addition to the conditional Master's classes