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Brand Strategist

What is a brand strategist?

What is a brand? The concept can be traced back to when cowboys branded their cattle with a name or initials. The goal of thousands of companies for the past century has been to make their mark on consumer awareness and trust.

Brand recognition is one of the most valuable commodities a company can have. Think of companies like Nike, Apple, Disney, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Gap, UPS or IBM. These global corporations have created world-wide recognition through brand strategies.

What does a brand strategist do?

Essentially, brand strategists manage the development, initiation and continued marketing of a company. They do this through branded marketing, advertising and sponsorships. Branding is defined visually through a logo and imagery that signifies a company’s essence or their promise to consumers.

A successful brand strategy complies with full-scale development that may take years, even decades to implement and reinforce. Think of the most prominent brands of the global companies and you’ll realize they have most likely been around a long time.

Brand strategists design a brand. This begins with realizing that simplicity is highly effective. It may be a common word, name, unusual word, picture, combination of colors, shapes or even an animal or cartoon figure.

How does a brand strategist maintain a brand?

Companies may come to an advertising agency, a graphic designer or marketing consultant seeking a branding strategy. Then, a brand strategist begins an involved process that uses market research, psychology and design to build brand architecture, consumer engagement and a plan to build brand loyalty.

This is no easy task, incorporating studies of global companies, understanding of the communication psychology, creativity in approaching design and more. A brand strategist can partake in any or all of these practices, making it a challenging, often rewarding job for those who are intelligent, imaginative and driven.

Start Toward Your Future as a Brand Strategist

With classes available online and in San Francisco, Academy of Art University offers accredited Associates (AA), Bachelors (BFA) and Masters (MFA) Advertising degrees, as well as certificate programs, continuing art education and pre-college programs for high school students.

Academy of Art University’s School of Advertising simulates the environment of a working ad agency. In classes, instructors with industry experience offer insight into art direction, copywriting, account planning, media planning and more. Students have the opportunity each year to work on real-world projects. Past clients have included Esurance, Charles Schwab and many others.

Contact us at 800.544.2787 or Request Info.

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