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Graduate Liberal Arts

The Graduate Liberal Arts curriculum provides students with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge in the arts and humanities, cultural studies and business practices. Graduate Liberal Arts coursework prepares graduate students for successful promotion of their work in the global marketplace and for communicating their ideas critically as well as creatively. The curriculum meets these objectives by offering a mix of professional practice and humanities courses where students gather practical industry information while considering their own work in dialogue with critical examination of various subject areas of their choosing.


Graduate Liberal Arts courses include Art and Design History, Culture Studies, Professional Practices and many others. See more.


All MFA programs and the MA in Art Education include Graduate Liberal Arts requirements. Learn more.

Meeting the Graduate Liberal Arts Requirements

Graduate Liberal Arts Program Requirements can be met by taking Academy courses and earning a grade of C or higher or by transferring in a comparable graduate level course from a previous institution. Learn more.

Program Learning Outcomes

To learn more about the skills you will acquire in this program, view Graduate Liberal Arts Program Learning Outcomes.

Featured Faculty

Learn from top instructors in Graduate Liberal Arts who work to inspire you and develop your unique talents. Learn More.

Library & Academic Support

Academy of Art University offers many academic resources and educational support services. Learn More.

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