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The Undergraduate and Graduate School of Motion Pictures & Television has facilities in three different locations:

At 79 New Montgomery,  The MPT Equipment Issue Room is located on the first floor. We provide to the students and the classes the following cinematography, video, sound, and lighting equipment:

Kinoflex, Beaulieu, Nizo, Cannon 814 & 1014 Super 8 cameras. Bolex, Krasnagorsk K-3, and Arriflex S/SB without-sound 16mm cameras. Arriflex SR, SR2 Super 16, and Aaton LTR7 Super 16 sync sound 16mm cameras. Arriflex III, Arriflex IIC, & Mitchell 35mm without-sound 35mm cameras. Arriflex BL3 & BL2 sync sound 35mm cameras. Panasonic HD HVX200 & DVX100 24p DV cameras. Betacam SP video cameras, Sony VX1000, Canon XL1, GL1, & GL2 3 chip Mini DV cameras. ZR25, 40 & 65 1 chip Mini DV cameras. Hydraulic, Doorway, & Skateboard Dollies with track and accessories. Jib Arms. Sony MZ-10 Mini Disc Recorders, Fostex PD-6 Hard Disc recorders. Fostex PD-4, HHB & Tascam DAT recorders. We are also equipped with an extensive inventory of Mole Richardson, Arriflex & Kino-Flo lighting and grip equipment etc. In addition to all of this we also support the demo reel classes, with film equipment leased from Otto Nemenz International in Hollywood, California.

The black-box theater is also found on the first floor on 79 New Montgomery.

The basement of 79 New Montgomery is the film post-production facility. The facility features Kem flatbed editing machines for celluloid linear editing.

We have Final Cut Pro, Avid Composer & Avid Adrenaline non-linear editing stations, as well as tape-to-tape linear editing suites, Pro-Tools sound stations, and film-to-tape transfer on a FDL-90 Bosch Telecine paired with DaVinci Renaissance Color Corrector. Additionally, 180 NM houses a green screen studio and a screenwriting lab with Final Draft software available on the computers.

We have four film/TV sets and most of the classrooms where we teach all of the production classes and acting classes. Of these sets, the Studio 106 is a Soundstage and Studio 100 is underdevelopment as a second soundstage. The soundstages are equipped with a light grid with more than 100 different lights suitable for film production, as well as a hydraulic dolly and Panasonic DVX 24p 3-chip cameras.

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