Marketing Request

Cross-functional teams must use this form to request Marketing support for event, email, and text campaigns.

  • All new requests, including anything for 2023 and onward must be submitted through this form to be added to Marketing’s schedule 
  • Requests must be submitted 3 months prior to campaign launch date (first date of outreach) 
  • Recurring quarterly events like Open Houses, can be submitted in one request with the option to select up to 4 occurrences


  • Once the request is submitted, Marketing will create a strategy brief and schedule a kickoff meeting with stakeholders to align on the campaign strategy
  • Marketing will refine the brief and provide stakeholders with copy & assets to review
  • Stakeholders will review the copy for any inaccurate details and request edits within 24 hours
  • Once stakeholders approve the final copy & assets Marketing will start production, at this point no changes can be made
  • Marketing requests Salesforce Campaign ID & List from AOS via tags in the Salesforce Request Log

See the Overview, Workflow, Resources deck for more detailed information or contact with any questions.

Anyone who needs to be involved in the planning process (Administrative, Departmental Leads, etc.)

For recurring events, submit one request for all occurrences within the upcoming quarter.

What is the reason for this effort? What are the expected outcomes of the effort? What are the Topics, Tone, Key Info & Reminders, CTA, URL’s/Links, Contact Phone & Email (for questions)?

Indicate a timeframe
example: Spring 2021 (2130) – Summer 2022 (2260)

References, Inspiration

Event Information

Venue Name & Address, Zoom (Live), YouTube Premiere (Pre-Recorded)

Provide full name, title, email for virtual & hybrid events

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