Marketing Request

The marketing team and web team would like to partner with you on your marketing needs. We ask that cross-functional teams use this form to request Marketing support for events, emails, website updates, academic department updates, and to share overall general information beneficial to prospective students. 
  • All requests must be submitted through this form to be added to Marketing’s schedule
  • Event requests must be submitted 5 weeks prior to campaign launch with complete information
  • Tentpole events (New Student Orientation, Spring Show, Fashion Show) must be submitted 3 months prior to the event date
  • If you need Online Event support, check the Online Video Team's availability to support your desired date, specific steps can be found here 
  • Recurring quarterly events like Open Houses, can be submitted in one request with the option to select up to 4 occurrences

Please contact with any questions.

• What is the reason for this effort?
• What are the expected outcomes of the effort?
• Provide Key Info, Deadlines, Timelines

Anyone who needs to be involved in the planning process

Populate only if you would like to limit outreach to a specific geographic location

  • If you have an attachment, please email it to
  • Image Specs: To ensure the image can be used for various placement, provide an image with minimum specs of: Landscape Orientation, 2550 pixels W X 850 pixels H, 72 dpi

Event Information

Event support will include email invites and reminders, calendar page, event attendance report.

For recurring events, submit one request for all occurrences within the upcoming quarter

• Venue Name & Address, Zoom Join Link, YouTube Premiere Join Link.
• Links must be provided before submitting, see Online Event instructions at the top of this form.

This person will field questions from launch leading up to the event

This person will field questions from launch leading up to the event

Email Information

This section is for stand-alone email campaigns to prospects when you wish to promote new initiatives, programs or courses, success stories, or other exciting information.

• What is your goal in sending this email?
• What are the expected outcomes of the email?
• Provide Key Info, Topics, Tone, Reminders, Contact Phone & Email

What do you want the prospect to do?

Include any relevant links

When do you need this email sent?

General Update Information

Use this section if you'd like to provide the Marketing team with updated information. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Program/Course/Faculty Updates
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Student Success Stories (Current & Alumni)
  • Publications, Organizations, other media outlets

Website Update Information

  • This section is reserved for website updates. Please use this section when you wish you update a page with new, accurate information or fresh content i.e. images, video.
  • Please note any attachment file names with the update.

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