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School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media

MFA Program Learning Outcomes

The Graduate School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media provides intensive study and training in music creation and sound design with emphasis on practical application for visual media including film, television, web, video games and animation. Students will gain proficiency in the latest computer-based production tools and technology applications. The graduate program culminates in a thesis project designed to showcase the student’s accumulated acumen in music production or sound design for visual media. Graduates will enter the field with a professional quality portfolio that demonstrates their skills in music creation or sound design in a collaborative context.

MFA graduates of the School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media will meet the following student performance criteria:

  • MFA Thesis Project

    • Students will conceive and complete an original MFA thesis which represents an advanced level of achievement in the field of music creation or sound design for visual media.
  • Music Composition

    • Advanced understanding of the language of music: harmony, melody, and rhythm.
    • Orchestrate and arrange music at a professional level
    • Write or edit music for different visual environments (such as film, television, animation, games, multimedia, and commercials) at a professional level
  • Soundtrack for Visual Media

    • Create music or sound which supports or heightens the emotional impacts of visual images (or visual material).
  • Production Skills and Technical Knowledge

    • Demonstrate expert-level proficiency with software related to contemporary music production techniques.
  • Professional Readiness

    • Think critically and demonstrate flexibility in creating or editing music for client needs.
    • Collaborate effectively with a creative team on a given project, such as a film, television show, animation, game, multimedia project, or commercial.

Academy of Art University Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Academy of Art University will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Produce a body of work suitable for seeking professional opportunities in their chosen field of art and design.
  2. Solve creative problems within their field of art and design, including research and synthesis of technical, aesthetic, and conceptual knowledge.
  3. Communicate their ideas professionally and connect with their intended audience using visual, oral, and written presentation skills relevant to their field.
  4. Execute technical, aesthetic, and conceptual decisions based on an understanding of art and design principles.
  5. Evaluate work in their field, including their own work, using professional terminology.
  6. Recognize the influence of major cultural and aesthetic trends, both historical and contemporary, on art and design products.
  7. Learn the professional skills and behaviors necessary to compete in the global marketplace for art and design.
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