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AAU Sponsors Student's Travels in Bolivia

A unique artist. An inspiring experience. An artistic project that will make a difference in the real world. This is what Academy of Art University is all about.

The Academy of Art University is currently sponsoring fine art student Sean Anderson, who is traveling in northwest Bolivia with Concern America and Educational Safaris. Sean is working on a painting project in conjunction with a health project called El Puente (The Bridge). El Puente is an important cross-cultural educational expedition and fundraiser for the Rio Beni Health Project in the rainforest of Bolivia, which provides basic health aid to rural villages.

Sean is not only participating as a volunteer for El Puente, but is also playing a key role in the project as artist-in-residence. He is creating a body of work that will bring to life the interaction between those coming from California and the native Bolivians. “I view art as a universal language…my goal is to use this language as a tool to convey messages that have importance to myself and to others” says Sean. His paintings will be used to spread awareness about the area and to raise funds so El Puente can continue its mission there.

In addition to sponsoring Sean’s travel, the Academy will also host a special show of his work. Sean estimates that it will take four months for him to complete his artwork when he returns from Bolivia. During his rare opportunities to access the internet, Sean sends updates about his travels. In his latest message he writes: “ There is instant inspiration here for me. The colors, architecture, people, and language are all extremely vibrant. My thoughts as to what the thesis will be for my series of paintings is starting to brew. I can’t wait to see what I will be thinking and creating in the next few days. Thanks again to the Academy and those from the AAU that have helped my project become a reality.”

Check back soon for more updates on Sean Anderson and for information about the planned exhibition of his work.


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