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Academy Alum Suk-ki Kim Lights Up Korea

Interior Architecture and Design alum Suk-ki Kim believes that coming to San Francisco to study at Academy of Art University was his destiny. Now with a very successful career as a lighting designer in Korea, Suk-ki fondly looks back on the school that brought him to where he is today.

While studying in San Francisco, Suk-ki didn’t realize how beautiful and inspiring the city was because he was so busy with assignments for his classes. But after traveling around the world for work, he realized that there is no better city.

“I really think that San Francisco is the most beautiful and great city to be an artist,” he said. “From time to time, I often close my eyes to try to remember my sweet memories in San Francisco.”

Ten years after graduating, Suk-ki still remembers the instructors who had significant impact on him.

“Novella T. Smith, who we called ‘bulb picker’ as a nickname, inspired me so much to be what I am right now – a lighting designer,” he said.

Suk-ki is currently working as a team manager as well as senior designer at Ssang Young Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. After graduating, he got a job with Gensler & Associate in San Francisco and then came back to Korea to receive his master’s degree.  After receiving his master’s, Suk-ki went on to work at Lotte Castle where he strived to standardize a color concept and improve brand value of the company. He won the Korean Best Design Award present by the Korea Management Association.

“I have an affinity for my work and I insist on professionalism to achieve my goal and contribute to my company.”


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