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Academy Alum's Design Firm Brings Creative Touch to Technology Ads

While many modern computing based industries are now among the largest and most powerful in the world, most of them had humble beginnings. Companies like Microsoft and Apple were built in the garages of industrious scientists in their spare time. What they lacked in business acumen, they made up for in ingenuity and common sense.

However, after ingenuity comes marketing and advertising. While the Bay Area is a hotbed of innovation, many of the exciting products and services are poorly sold. The cliché of early '80s "futurism" is still the hallmark of many young companies.

That's where design firms like Arami Design come in. Arami Design was founded by Academy of Art University alumnus Ramin Arami and his brother Arman. They have created a niche in marrying the art of design with the subject of technology, and in doing so have earned a lot of high profile customers, including Netgear, Boss Audio, Samsung and Fujitsu. They especially enjoy working with startup companies, forging early friendships with the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Those friendships are developing into good press. Arami Design received recent raves from the San Francisco Examiner and the Silicon Valley Business Journal, and their customers can’t stop talking about them. "They are phenomenal," Eric Lewis of Elemental Security told the Business Journal. Elemental Security is an enterprise security software firm in San Mateo, and Eric is their Director of Corporate Marketing.

"These people put together a very cool, crisp and corporate look for us, which appealed to our customers, the Fortune 1000 finance companies," said Eric. "They spent a lot time with our executives and marketing team understanding the product and came up with a complete plan that is scaleable."

We spent a little bit of time talking with Ramin Arami about his company, his time at the Academy, and his plans for the future:

What was the origin of your company, Arami Design?

Arami Design was built on the idea of incorporating the creative process into the branding of technology companies. The idea of integrated brands across various media was not a new idea, but helping technology companies develop their brands across multiple mediums such as advertising, digital media and print communication was a natural evolution that took place within the past decade.

Arami Design is a full service branding, advertising, and digital media agency offering creative solutions across all channels of communication.

Who are some of your clients?

We have been involved with over 250 high-tech companies such as Samsung, Fujitsu, Compuware, Tyco, and Netgear. Our agency also handles many consumer clients such as Boss Audio, S.F. Opera, ValueStar, NameLab and others.

Currently, we spend seventy percent of our time developing Web solutions for our clients. In the past two months, we have released five new corporate Web sites for SkyPilot Networks, ValueStar, Right90, Palamida, and Prophet.net. We are also working on multiple Flash projects for online demos and a range of different solutions.

Your company has received a good amount of press lately. What do you attribute this to, and how do you feel about it?

We have received a great deal of press in the last month. The San Francisco Examiner as well the Silicon Valley Business Journal featured our agency, providing great exposure for us. We have received calls from clients and friends interested in our progress and encouraging us on our path. It is a great feeling to know that our clients really understand and appreciate the creative process and its overall effect on decision-making and loyalty to a brand or a company.

What are your dreams for the future?

One of my dreams is to find a way to give back and to be involved with the education and progression of art students. I want to be able to contribute by using my experience and education to consult with future design professionals on their path in making their goals a reality.

How do you recall your time at the Academy?

My experience and education at Academy of Art was critical in my professional career. My exposure to all different forms of art, such as illustration, graphic design, typography, photography, and advertising, helps me every day as a creative director. I work with illustrators, photographers, programmers, and animators on a daily basis, and knowing the limitations and possibilities makes my job a lot easier.

Over the past decade, eighty percent of our creative team has come from Academy of Art University. I look at an average of fifty portfolios during any given year, and I can say with no hesitation that Academy of Art University graduate portfolios are among the best, mainly because they show me clearly how the students can apply their creativity to the challenges we face in the professional arena everyday. The Academy creates the perfect environment for artists to find themselves and develop their skills in areas about which they feel passionate.

I remember one of my early professors told me that it was really up to me how much I wanted to learn. The more you learn, the more prepared you’ll be -- and preparation is key, because out there in the real world, it is all on your shoulders.


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