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Academy Illustration Students Named Finalists in Student Scholarship Competition

Nine students from Academy of Art University’s School of Illustration are finalists for the Society of Illustrators’ Student Scholarship Competition.

The judging for the Society of Illustrators 2008 Student Scholarship Competition has been completed.  For five days, twenty-five jurors critically looked at 5,683 entries from 88 schools, from a total of 1867 students and selected 130 of what they thought were the best student illustrations.

Academy of Art University congratulates all of the students who were selected into the show!  Considering the enormous amount of entries and how few were selected, it made for a very competitive competition.  This year received the largest amount of entries in the scholarship’s history, by the numbers, and it is more difficult to be accepted into this competition than most professional shows

The list of finalists and their pieces are:

Artist:  Chiaki Uchida
Title:   Predator

Artist:  Albert Ramos Cortes

Artist:  Ben Jelter
Title:   Dots

Artist:  Cindy Liu
Title:   Spank 3

Artist:  Ryan Jones
Title:   The Dragons of Blue Land

Artist:  Brenna Lindblad

Artist:  Elba Raquel Martinez
Title:   Camino Seguro de Inseguridad
            Self Portrait

Artist:  Eli Harris

Artist:  Betty Edwards
Title:   Flapper
            Cruisin' Kid



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