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How One Academy Student Has Mastered the Language of Art

When it comes to fluency in artistic expression, Academy of Art University graduate Christian Kaestner is considered a master.
With full comprehension of what it takes to succeed in the art world, this highly charged graduate is leaving a trail of achievement from San Francisco all the way to London.

After graduating as Valedictorian from the Academy of Art University Class of 2005, Christian recently secured a highly coveted position as a Compositor at the prestigious visual effects company Framestore CFC in London. Having a realistic approach to his artwork and how others perceive it has helped him to create work that is effective and usable.

“I can only encourage everyone to be open to advice from your classmates and most of all staff with industry experience. If nine out of ten people don’t like your advertising campaign, it is likely that your campaign is not going to do well and no client is ever going to invest large amounts of money into something that has not done well in market research,” said Christian.

Utilizing the vast amount of resources available to him at the Academy, Christian was able to fine-tune his skill set and gather an in-depth knowledge of his trade.

Another key factor to his success is his uncanny ability to remain true to his individual voice while simultaneously being understood by others.

“The challenge is always going to be how to translate your idea into something that is unique and stands out from the crowd without being a foreign language to everyone else.”

Christian is currently working as one of five 2D Sequence Leads for a major movie at Framestore CFC.

His current position as a Compositor involves coordination and planning of shots from a compositing point of view as well as the daily business of a compositor, such as color correction, integration of CG elements, green screen removals and any kind of assembly of 2D elements.

As an influential conveyor of artistic expression, be on the lookout as this Academy of Art University graduate makes his mark on a city or theater near you.


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