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Advertising Alum Wei Wins ANDY for Second Year

Students at other art and design schools must be sighing in relief that Lance Wei is no longer eligible to enter the ANDY advertising student competition. The School of Advertising alum, who graduated in Fall 2004, has recently been notified of his win for last year's contest, Wei's second consecutive award from the ANDY judges. With characteristic modesty, Wei says "I am surprised as anyone else!" School of Advertising Co-Director Melinda Mettler seemed less shocked, simply noting "It's great to see Lance ace another ANDY. He was our big winner last year, too."

We spoke briefly with Mr. Wei about his winning and his fond recollections of his time at the Academy.

Q: Tell us how you came up with the concept for the Lacoste ads.

A: Well, it was a project given to us from one of our instructors. He wanted us to do a fashion campaign, and he wanted us to stay away from the mainstream 'model-happy, zero concept' look. I was simply trying to do that, and trying to just focus on the crocodile. After all, Lacoste is the crocodile, that logo is a big reason why people go into their stores.

Q: Tell us about the School of Advertising.

A: The School of Advertising is a tight-knit circle of students and instructors. I think almost everyone knows everyone else. The instructors are all great. They are all brilliant thinkers who push their students to the next level. They all have their takes on the industry and that help us out a lot in terms of what to expect when we enter the agency world.

Q: What advice would you give someone considering coming to the School of Advertising?

A: Ha ha, I don't think I have the credentials in give advice yet. All I can say right now (and they'll hear this from a lot of their instructors) is, Don't get too attached to your ideas. Be ready to kill them without mercy!


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