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M.Arch Student Chris Hunter Builds a Solid Future in Architecture

Obtaining a Masters in Architecture is no small feat, and soon-to-be Academy of Art University M.Arch graduate, Chris Hunter, eagerly awaits the accomplishment.  Set to graduate in December of this year, Chris is in the home stretch, burning the last of the midnight oil to put the finishing touches on his thesis project.

With a passion for art and design that surfaced at an early age and inspiration to pursue a career that encompassed both worlds, Chris was naturally interested in architecture. “I was always drawn to the physicality of architecture…the way you experience a building. Drawing has always been important to me ever since I could hold a pencil. Combining these two just seemed to make a natural fit.” And judging by Chris’ current success, a natural fit it was.

Chris was recently honored with the Dean’s Choice Award for his entry for the Mel Ferris Scholarship, a fund created to support architectural education in California. His submission of a commercial mixed-use project in Mission Bay got him much-deserved recognition amongst his peers.  No stranger to hard work and demanding hours, Chris was fit for the challenge.  “ Working under pressure to complete a great deal of work in a short period of time while working as a member of a team was challenging but fun,” shared Chris.

Testament to his overarching talents and dedication, Chris was offered an internship as junior designer at Saida + Sullivan Design Partners. Recruited for the position by Mimi Sullivan herself, he has spent this last semester enjoying the world of architecture from the inside out.  As an intern, Chris was afforded the opportunity to be actively involved in many aspects of the technical side of the practice and was invited to participate in staff trainings, new design projects, and charity work.  All of this Chris welcomed with open arms.

Now with years of steadfast dedication, solid work, and great experiences under his belt, Chris is ready to go out into the world and put his talents to the test.  “The Academy of Art has help me clarify what I want and do not want from architecture and design. I feel confident in my skills and the approaches I’ve learned along the way.”

Chris will continue to impact the world we live in with his architectural designs as he sets out on his career path as a master architect.  We look forward to his success.


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