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Computer Arts New Media Agata Kamler Student Wins American Greetings Scholarship

Agata Kamler is only in her first year in the School of Computer Arts New Media, but she has already won a prestigious scholarship. Agata won the very first Student Scholarship Partnership for Excellence in Design from American Greetings ever offered.

Agata started her education in the field of ecology. She received an undergraduate degree and secured a job after graduating. She wanted to do something more visually creative so she took a risk and quit her job to go back to school.

“I chose Academy of Art University specifically because of the [Computer Arts] New Media,” she recalled. “I had look around at other schools and could not find any other program that compared in terms of its scope.”

So far, the Computer Arts New Media program has been fast-paced and little hectic at times, but Agata feels like she’s learning a lot.

“It’s a lot of hard work but the efforts are definitely rewarding,” Agata said.

                                        Part of an assignment for Concept, Design, Process class

Instructors Bob Rigel and Eric Stampfli have been the most influential during Agata’s academic career. The support they have for their students’ work and the assistance they provide makes them stand out.

“I always come out of their classes with new insight about my projects and am inspired to improve and work harder,” she said.

                                                          Magazine layout assignment for Digital Design 1

Agata was selected as a candidate for the American Greetings scholarship by her instructors. Her work over the past few semesters made her stand out among her peers. The scholarship award is $2,000 to go toward her tuition.

“She consistently exhibits a high degree of motivation and effort on all assignments, as well as a mature, focused approach toward her future career in New Media,” said John Woodbridge, Director of the School of Computer Arts New Media. “In short, Agata clearly has a great deal of potential along with the right attitude toward her work to excel.”

Agata hopes to graduate in the Fall of 2009 and wants to pursue a career in anything related to digital imaging, photography or motion graphics. With the superb training she’s received at Academy of Art University combined with natural talent, the Agata’s future holds limitless possibilities.


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