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Two Fashion Graduates Featured in SOMA Magazine

After showing their collections to the world at the prestigious New York Fashion Week, two of the Academy’s Fashion Students received glowing reviews of their work in the August 2008 issue of SOMA Magazine.  Bo Kyung Cha and Soo Jung Sung, both recent graduates of the Academy School of Fashion and native South Koreans, were recognized for their very different sources of inspiration and style.
To create her collection, Sung was inspired by the South Korean film Blue Swallow, a movie based on the true story of one of Korea’s first female aviators, Park Kyung-won.  Her take on the pilot uniform uses browns, taupes and creams with some Asian influence.  Her pinafore in particular creates a silhouette similar to the Korean hanbok, the traditional high-waisted dress with simple lines flowing away from the body.  Textile designer Ivanka Georgiev bonded newsprint and brown paper for the base fabric and applied marbleized pigments using silkscreen techniques for Sung’s collection.  Georgiev created the patterns by hand and designed them to represent bird-eye views from a pilot’s cockpit.
In contrast to Sung’s 1900-era aviator collection, Kyung Cha’s work had its roots in more geometric concepts.  For her textiles, Kyung Cha was inspired by double exposure in photography, layering and contrasting different shades of color within her clothing.  The Möbius band – a surface with only one side  and one boundary component discovered by two German mathematicians in 1858 – served as the inspiration for her design.  Her cocktail dresses emanate layers of ruffles that play with the idea of unbroken lines continuing into infinity.  Kyung Cha’s work has also been recognized at the JoongAng (JDG) Design Competition, one of Korea’s most important fashion design contests, where she won the silver prize in 2006.

The Academy congratulates these two great designers for their work and all the recognition they have received. 


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