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Fine Art Sculpture Program Expands with New Director of Classical Sculpture

Steven Krochman, the new Director of Classical Sculpture, is ready to help students master the techniques they need to celebrate the human figure as the Greeks and Romans did. With courses in life-size portrait sculpture, écorché (the study of 3D anatomy), and other areas of classical sculpture, students have an impressive array of options to guide them toward making impacts of Herculean proportions.

 “This new area of emphasis will allow those students who are interested in pursuing classical figurative realism to deeply, and specifically, focus on traditional sculpting techniques,” said Peter Schifrin, Director of the School of Fine Art Sculpture. 

“At the same time, the Classical Sculpture program will allow students who are more interested in contemporary approaches to fine art to build their knowledge of traditional techniques, which they can use to inform their contemporary solutions.”

Academy of Art University developed the Classical Sculpture series in response to a resurgence of interest for the discipline within the art world. With expanding enrollment in the School of Fine Art Sculpture, many students seek to gain professional training in classical techniques, including ceramics, bronze casting, welding, forging, jewelry design, metal arts, papermaking and neon.

About 340 students are expected to take a sculpture course in the fall semester. They will work within state-of-the-art facilities at Academy of Art University sculpture center, which includes 50,000 square feet worth of creative space and studios.

With more than 1,700 students, the School of Fine Art at Academy of Art University offers world-renowned programs in painting, sculpture, drawing, jewelry design and more. Located in San Francisco’s thriving artistic and creative center, the school is surrounded by a wide range of museums and cultural activities to inspire and enlighten students.  

Krochman has led sculpture, bronze fabrication, welding and finish chasing courses at top schools, including Boston University and the New England Sculpture Service, as well as Academy of Art University.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sculpture from California State University, Long Beach and a Master of Fine Arts from Boston University. He studied under renowned artists Stephen Werlick and Ron Young during college, where he pursued figure modeling, mold making and ceramic shell casting.

His work has been selected for several individual and group exhibits throughout California and is featured in various private and public art collections.  He also received the Friedman Brothers Fellowship from Boston University in 1995. 


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