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ILL Student Chosen by Top Industry Annual

The Academy of Art University strives to help its students gain important exposure for their work, well before they graduate and hit the job market.  Academy student Carolina Tello Alvarado is doing just that.  Recently, Aphrodisia, a new annual dedicated to the art of the female form, accepted Carolina’s work for publication.


Aphrodisia is a highly respected industry publication, and professionals consider the work published there to be some of the most beautiful and imaginative work available on the female form.  A jury of the top artists and designers in the illustration field chooses each and every piece published in the annual. Carolina’s work was chosen for Aphodisia as part of the publication’s ‘pinup’ section.  The piece chosen for publication, called “Lil’ Miss Diva,” captured the jury’s attention.

Although Carolina is still unsure of exactly what she wants to do within Illustration, the recognition she is receiving makes it clear that she will have plenty of options open to her.  Carolina’s studies at the Academy have opened her up to a variety of career opportunities. “At first I wanted to do visual development,” says Carolina, but her recent success with Aphrodisia has made it clear that a career as an illustrator would also be a good choice.  After being chosen for such a prominent publication, Caroline now feels that “maybe I should explore this line of work more, since I have gotten such a good response with it. Maybe this is a hint that this is the direction I should follow.”

The Academy’s expansive curriculum, giving students the unique opportunity to study across any fields of art and design that interest them, has led to Carolina’s repertoire of multi-faceted skills. For example, Carolina has taken Metal Arts at the Academy to expand her horizons behyond illustration.  “I wasn't expecting it, but I fell in love with working with metal, and I feel like it has given me yet a new direction and dimension. I started building objects that before I was only drawing. I could see myself now getting into toy making, or props, something along those lines,” says Carolina.

Carolina certainly feels that the Academy of Art University was the right choice for her, and that the school helped her become the high caliber artist she is today.  “I have been fortunate to have some amazing teachers, and to be able to have them look at my work and give me real feedback. Stephen Player, Robert Revels and Bill Sanchez have been incredibly supportive and I think they deserve a lot of the credit. They were the teachers that I could show anything to, even stuff I was doing outside of class, and I knew that they would tell me exactly what the problems were. These instructors are gold, and my education wouldn't have been the same without them.”


With her diverse interests and the skill level to back them up, Carolina has countless opportunities available to her.  And she is not about to close herself off to anything that might take her to new places in the art and design fields.  Even though she is a trained classical illustrator, Carolina has qualified herself to look for jobs in film. “Ideally I would like to work for the film industry, and that includes animation, set design, props, costumes, anything,” she says. This soon-to-be graduate is certainly one to watch.


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