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Online Freshman Discovers Hidden Potential

When Academy of Art University Online student Aaron Conkey began his degree one year ago, he had no idea what an extraordinary experience awaited him. Working to achieve a BFA from the School of Animation and Visual Effects, Aaron has discovered a treasure trove of untapped artistic aptitude within himself.

"The foundations courses have awakened something in me that I didn’t even know existed. I never thought I could draw or sculpt, but I love it!" he exclaimed.

Aaron is overwhelmed by his new talents and excited about the possibilities they present. "Ultimately I want to be able to create whatever I want, whenever I want, in whatever medium I want," he said.

Academy of Art University strives to help students release their imagination. Online or on campus, the Academy's Foundations program develops creativity, unique abilities and style, producing some of the most success graduates in the world.

Aaron was drawn to the Academy for this very reason. Having received an Associates Degree in web design from another school, he wanted to take his education further and do something he truly loved. But with a wife and three children, Aaron wasn't able to relocate to San Francisco.

"Going to art school seemed impossible. Then I stumbled upon the Academy’s online program and saw the amazing student work. It seemed perfect," he said.

Aaron is thrilled with his experience at the Academy so far. "I am really impressed by how much the administration cares about creating the best experience for online students. Other online programs are like mills, turning out degrees as quickly as possible without paying attention to the actual process of education. I get a totally different feeling here," he said.

Aaron is particularly happy with the challenging course content and professional instructors he works with daily. He cautions online students to be prepared to work hard for their degrees.

"Make time to work. If you don’t you’re not going get the most out of it," said Aaron.

Aaron looks forward to his next few years at the Academy. He hopes to graduate early, but for now he’s focusing on honing the gifts he’s discovered. "I want to find my individual style and my voice. My unique thing to say," he said.


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