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Paris Beckons for Academy of Art University Fashion Student Maggie Mo Luo

Design by Maggie Mo Luo
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Inspired by the beauty of the ocean, one Academy of Art University student will soon find herself crossing an ocean because of her work. Knitwear and Fashion Design student Maggie Mo Luo earned an internship with iconic Parisian fashion house Sonia Rykiel.

At Academy of Art University’s Graduation Fashion Show this Spring, Maggie presented a collection of five looks that combined chunky and delicate knits. The pieces incorporated rich deep blues throughout and sequins to lighten the collection. “My inspiration for my senior collection came from nature. I call it ‘the secret of the ocean,’” said Maggie.

Nathalie Rykiel, the CEO and Artistic Director of Sonia Rykiel, was a special guest of the School of Fashion for the show. In special events throughout the week, she shared her insights on Fashion Design and Merchandising with Fashion students.

Impressed by Maggie’s collection, Rykiel awarded her an internship at the Paris company. Maggie will start this September.

Another of the School of Fashion’s guests for the show wrote about Maggie’s collection. Cathy Horyn, fashion critic for the New York Times included Maggie and other Fashion students in her blog for the Times, On the Runway, calling them “standout students.”

Design by Maggie Mo Luo
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Maggie’s work was also covered in the San Francisco Chronicle and Women’s Wear Daily.

Maggie worked extensively with Midori Sargent on her collection for the Graduation Fashion Show. She counts the School of Fashion Knitwear instructor among her most influential instructors at the Academy. “I can tell she really helped me 100% and she really wanted me to succeed,” said Maggie. “I really appreciate her, and that is my most important memory from the Academy.”

Looking forward to her internship as an opportunity to learn about a different culture, Maggie, who is originally from Beijing, is catching up on her French and preparing to find inspiration in Parisian culture.

“Paris is every woman’s dream city, especially for designers,” she said. “I am really excited to live there and see people’s lives—what they are wearing and how they live.”

Design by Maggie Mo Luo
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She hopes to stay in Paris, to live and work, after her internship is complete. Maggie, who is finishing her BFA Fashion degree this summer, decided to pursue her degree in fashion because she loved the challenge and creativity needed in the industry. Her dream to make people feel confident and special in her designs keeps her motivated as she continues to work toward her career.

She encourages current fashion students to believe in their dreams and keep working toward them, offering this advice: “Definitely work hard. I am always the last one out of the lab. Always be positive and never give up.”


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