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Revving Up Automotive Excitement

The 54th Annual International Auto Show, presented by AutoTrader.com, was held on November 20-28 at the Moscone Center and featured the world’s major car manufacturers. On exhibit were 2012 model cars, SUV’s, trucks and vans as well as several selected Academy of Art University classic cars from the Stephen’s automotive collection, one of the vastest arrays of classic cars in the show’s history. It is the largest show of its kind held in northern California.
 Academy of Art Univeristy Automobile
The automobiles that were selected for this event were handpicked by Academy of Art University’s Industrial Design Department Director Tom Matano, a designer at Mazda for 20 years before joining the faculty at the Academy in 2003. The Industrial Design Director put together a priceless selection of automobiles from the 1920's-1960’s that represent the elegance, style, craftsmanship, technology and innovative spirit of each era. This collection is primarily used for student reference in the School of Industrial Design.
Academy of Art University Automobile Museum Coordinator Paul Borgwardt was very excited for this year’s Annual International Auto Show. “It is always exciting to get the cars ready for a show. It takes time to move and place the cars where they need to be,” Borgwardt explains. “Just keeping the cars dust free during the day can be a continuous task.”
Giving students and the public an opportunity to see these exquisite vehicles close-up is what the car collection is all about. “Richard Stephens wanted to have an Industrial Design program that was different than others. One that gave students the ability to look at the classics to be inspired,” said Borgwardt.

 Academy of Art Univeristy AutomobileThe Academy of Art University Automotive Collection and Museum was started by former University President, Dr. Richard A. Stephens, who always had a penchant for cars. He wanted to give students a design perspective that they would not be able to receive from anywhere else by granting them front row seats to classic automotive designs. This is a sentiment that has been passed down to his daughter and current President of the Academy, Dr. Elisa Stephens. With access to a museum of rare and classic vehicles, students can study exquisite design and apply that sense of craftsmanship to their own artistic pursuits. 
If you missed the Annual International Auto Show, you are still in luck! You can visit The Academy of Art Automobile Museum and see these classic fixtures of innovation that help to provide inspiration and a sense of automotive history to students and the public alike. Come study, admire and be inspired by this rare collection.


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