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School of Fashion Wowed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


School of Fashion Designers at the show
Photo: Randy Brooke

Since 2005, the School of Fashion has premiered the collections of recent graduates and current students during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and once again the designers have impressed the crowd with their innovative and unique designs. A total of eighteen designers from the School of Fashion showcased their collections at the Spring 2013 show at Lincoln Center.

“Part of our commitment to the designers is to help launch their careers and have their collections seen by industry professionals,” said Dr. Elisa Stephens, President of Academy of Art University. “Debuting their collections during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center is an incredible opportunity.” As the first school to showcase at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Academy of Art University offers its designers an exclusive opportunity to launch their collections on a runway viewed worldwide.

Photo: Randy Brooke

The first collection to hit the runway was a collaboration by four MFA Fashion Design students, five BFA Fashion Design students, and two BFA Textile Design students, and was sponsored by UBIFRANCE, the French Trade Commission. UBIFRANCE organized the donation of fabrics from the following prestigious French textile mills: print (AB CREATIONS); silk, jacquards (BELINAC, DENIS&FILS, PHILEA, SPRINTEX); wools (CLARENSON); lace (SOPHIE HALLETTE, SOLSTISS); knits (DEVEAUX, HENITEX INTERNATIONAL, PHILEA, SPRINTEX); velvet fabric, stretch corduroy fabric, jeans wear, pigment dyed (VELCOREX); and technic/sports fabrics (AVELANA, ROUDIÈRE). The twelve students who collaborated on this women’s wear collection are Korkor Apo, Maclay Bowers, Joe Chung, Mina Fadaie, Guiping April Feng, Massayuki Ito, Kyung Hwa Kim, Erica Laba, Eli Daniel Odisho, Liza Quiñones, Angela Sison, and Wen-Lin Lina Tsai.

Iglika Vasileva Matthews is originally from Bulgaria and came to Academy of Art University to earn her MFA degree in Fashion Design. She previously debuted her work as part of the Italian Trade Commission Collection at the University’s Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show. For her Spring 2013 collection, Matthews drew inspiration from buildings designed by architect Zaha Hadid. Hadid’s structures often create an illusion of movement in static objects, which Matthews sought to replicate in her collection.

Jisun Lee hails from Seoul, South Korea and came to the School of Fashion for her MFA in Fashion and Textile Design. For her textile design work, Lee was honored as an Emerging Talent in Stylesight’s Spring/Summer 2013 Prints and Graphics competition. For Spring 2013, Lee looked to 1920s men’s suits. She reinterpreted the silhouettes for women’s wear, maintaining an oversized look, and experimented with collar and lapel structures. Liza Quiñones was born in the Bronx and grew up in Valley Stream, New York. She earned a BFA in Textile Design from Academy of Art University, and has had her work featured at the St. Vincent De Paul Society’s annual fundraiser Discarded to Divine. Quiñones designed textiles for Jisun Lee’s Spring 2013 collection.

Design: Jie Jessie Liu;
Photo: Randy Brooke

Jie Jessie Liu, born and raised in Penglai in the Shandong Province of China, and Tanja Milutinovic, originally from Belgrade, Serbia, collaborated on their runway designs. Jie earned her from the School of Fashion and was inspired by the artist Anish Kapoor, known for his geometric, streamlined sculptures and installations, which she interpreted through the garments’ sharp lines and angular silhouettes. Jie collaborated with Tanja to create the prints for her Spring 2013 collection. Tanja has earned her MFA in Textile Design from the School of Fashion.

This was Ginie C. Y. Huang’s second Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week showing while working towards her MFA in Fashion Design in the School of Fashion, the first being in Spring 2012 as a part of the Italian Trade Commission Collection. Her Spring 2013 collection was inspired by the work of Ninagawa Mika, one of Japan’s most popular photographers. Ginie was inspired by the feeling that Mika’s images invoke. The use of color in her collection immerses the viewer.

Design: Stephina Touch;
Photo: Randy Brooke

While earning her MFA in Fashion Design at Academy of Art University, Stephina Touch worked as intern at gr.dano, creating patterns and producing samples as well as finished garments. Her 2013 collection had influence from traditional Asian architecture, as she was particularly inspired by the clean lines and tiled roofs.

Lastly, Jarida Karnjanasirirat from Bangkok, Thailand, sought to mimic the structure of relief sculptures – in which elements of the sculpture are raised from the background. She created three dimensional collars, lapels, and pleats, bringing her inspiration to life in her garments. While pursuing her MFA in Fashion Design from the School of Fashion, Jarida interned with N.I.C.E. Collective in San Francisco.

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