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Sci-Fi / Fantasy Illustrator Brom Visits Campus

The Academy of Art University and the School of Illustration would like to thank noted science fiction and fantasy artist, Brom, for his excellent guest lecture.

Brom with the audience

Illustration and Animation students who were treated to an hour of slides detailing his prodigious output of fantasy ghouls, goddesses, demons, and designwork for movies, fantasy role-playing games, and bookcovers.

Brom stressed the need to learn to draw, regardless of the path, whether 3D, 2D, Illustration, or Visual Development. All of these are fields for which he is in high demand, and he enjoys switching back and forth to keep fresh and envigorated as an artist.

Brom also stressed the other part of his success: Work hard at whatever you do, but follow your passion so that it feels like you are hardly working. Brom hel;d forth for another hour answering student quetsions and thereafter signed many, many books and a few bodyparts.

About Brom

art by Brom

Born on March 9th, 1965 in Albany, Georgia. Brom is the son of an Army aviator and spent his entire school-aged years on the move, living in such places as Japan, Alabama, and Hawaii. He graduated from high school in Frankfurt, Germany. From his earliest memories he has been obsessed with the creation of the weird, the monstrous, and the beautiful.

At the age of twenty, Brom started working full-time as a commercial illustrator. By twenty-one, he had two national art representatives and was doing work for such clients as Coke, IBM, Columbia Pictures, and CNN.

art by Brom Three years later he entered the fantasy field he had loved all his life. TSR hired Brom on full-time at the age of 24 and he immediately introduced his personal vision to the fantasy to all the major worlds of TSR. He would spend the next three years creating the highly dramatic look and feel of the best-selling Dark Sun world.

In 1993, after four creative years at TSR, Brom returned to the freelance market, this time to pursue his love of the bizarre and fantastic. Since that time Brom has been working feverishly on hundreds of paintings for every facet of the genre, from novels (Micheal Moorcock, Terry Brooks, R.A.Salvatore, E.R. Burroughs), role-playing (TSR, White Wolf, FASA, WOTC), comics (DC, Chaos, Dark Horse), games ( Doom2, Diablo2, Heretic, Sega, Activision), and film (Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, Galaxy Quest, Bless the Child, Ghosts of Mars, Scooby Doo). Brom has been active in the 3-d world as well, with a line of Brom fetish toys from Fewture and a series of bronzes from the Franklin Mint.

Brom's powerful and haunting visions can be found in his two art books, Darkwerks and Offerings, both available from Paper Tiger.

Brom with the audience

Brom resides with his family in the Seattle area of Washington state. There he is, always painting, writing, and trying to reach a happy sing-a-long with the many demons dancing about in his head.

Brom with the audience

For more information on our Illustration program, please visit our Illustration School pages.


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