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Academy of Art University Students Featured in Woodwork Magazine

 Eight stunning creations by students from Academy of Art University’s School of Interior Architecture and Design were featured in Woodwork magazine. Amanda Adkins, Zoila Angulo, Vanessa Wellons, Tzu-Wei Kuo, (Cheralin) Chiayu Peng, Melissa Christensen, Dong Hwan Phee and Aparna Nandagiri.

The furniture was constructed in the Story Furniture (IAD 363 Furniture Construction) class taught by John Grew Sheridan and Bradley Boggie. The majority of students in the class have never touched a hand or power tool. The class enables them to transfer their concepts and designs into the world of craft.

The projects featured in the article are a part of an assignment to make a small table or a bench with a wedged through mortise and tenon joint. This 18th century jointing technique that brings two pieces of wood together. The students use this method of joinery to construct fresh contemporary designs for tables and benches.

This unique class also focuses on developing speaking and writing skills. Students must create a written  and spoken narrative about their pieces to be critiqued by the class. Academy of Art University is renowned for its world-class curriculum, which not only teaches students art and design, but also business skills for future  careers.

“The basis premise of the class is that objects have a social context, associations with people, events and cultures, layers of meaning and a power of connection beyond the physical,” said instructor Sheridan. “Their work as interior designers will involve all of that complexity.”
Woodwork magazine is a premier publication for “all woodworkers.” The Academy of Art University students’ designs are featured in the June 2008 issue. Sheridan implied that this was not the first accomplishment by students from Story Furniture.

“In eight years of this class, time and time again, the students have had exceptional success with their work.”


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