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Academy of Art University Alumni’s “SanFranLand” in Production

Academy of Art University School of Motion Pictures & Television alumni, Ryan Lynch, sought to depict the newcomer’s experience to San Francisco. "Considering how many young people are coming to San Francisco, it seemed strange there still wasn't a show about us," she says. "We're kind of forgotten. Which is crazy, because being young here is so fun." Ryan relocated to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University for her MFA in Film Directing. Now a story writer for Pixar, she also oversees her own web series “SanFranLand” which is currently in production. “SanFranLand” follows three young women and their experiences of emerging into adulthood in San Francisco. Funded by Pixar and Kickstarter, “SanFranLand” takes place in iconic San Francisco neighborhoods and is supported by local businesses.

SF Gate – January 13

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