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Academy Alum Wins Hampton Bay Day Poster Contest

Hampton, Virginia had been buoyed by the seafood industry for decades as watermen pulled the Chesapeake Bay's bounty from the water. School of Animation & Visual Effects MFA alum Joseph Griffith used the sentiment and the concept of society's impact on the bay to create the winning entry for this year's Hampton Bay Days Poster Contest. "I'm stoked to represent the 31st annual Hampton Bay Days through my design," said the Academy alum.  "As an artist, I'm always interested in incorporating an underlying idea that moves or challenges people. My artwork features a cownose ray carrying the City of Hampton on its back; an ambassador for the marine ecosystem that supports our seafood industry. Conservation and ecological balance are both essential to maintaining a healthy, sustainable seafood industry for the Chesapeake Bay region. Bay Days is a great opportunity for the community to get involved and spurs the conversation that reminds us we're all stewards of nature." Bay Days runs September 6th until September 8th in downtown Hampton, Virginia. Activities include live musical entertainment, over 100 merchandise and craft vendors, a fireworks display, bay education area and more.

August 1st – Daily Press

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