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Academy of Art University Student Sculpts Historical Learning Tool

Civil rights icon Rosa Parks is best known for refusing to give up her bus seat. However, when Academy of Art University School of Fine Art student Rob Firmin and his sculpting partner Eugene Daub got the assignment to create a full-length statue of her for the U.S. Capitol, they decided that she would indeed be in a seated position - but not on a bus seat. The sculpting team wanted Parks to be recognized for more than that one single incident in the sculpture, which is the first of an African American female in the Capitol as well as the first full-size statue authorized by Congress since the end of Reconstruction. For Daub and Firmin, who attended the statue unveiling in Washington on February 27th, there is much more to sculpting than carving a figure out of stone or bronze or clay. "It's critical that what we do is not just something to sit and be ignored," said the Academy of Art University student, whose home studio is in Kensington, CA. "It's not just a pretty statue. It's a historical learning tool."

SFGate - March 13

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