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Motion Pictures & Television Grad Featured in Sundance Film Festival

In the late '80s, 20/20 aired an investigative segment that dubbed Gallup, New Mexico “Drunk Town, USA” due to a study that stated the town residents were 225 percent more likely to die from substance-abuse-related causes than were other New Mexico residents. Having grown up on a Native American reservation near Gallup, Academy of Art University’s Sydney Freeland hopes she can shed some light on her hometown's evolution with her debut film, Drunktown's Finest. Part of Sundance 2014's NEXT category, the film follows three Gallup locals as they struggle with life in the community. “Painting, weaving, pottery, silver-smithing are the big arts on the reservation,” said Sydney. That love for art grew into a BFA in Animation & Visual Effects and an eventual MFA in Motion Pictures & Television from the Academy. Sydney is excited to be a part of the Sundance Film Festival, a mecca for independent cinema and a pool of fresh filmmaking talent.

Hollywood Reporter – Jan 6th

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