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School of Fashion Grad Designs Her Organic Textile Career

Academy of Art University MFA graduate Josi Severson walked through the entry at Acoustic Café in her hometown of Winona, MN on a recent Friday morning carrying a collection of sizeable card stock and geometric fabrics. It was one of her latest pieces for the line of organic fabric designs, known as Ten14 Textiles, which she founded in 2011. The MFA School of Fashion graduate has since begun working with designers across the country. Ten14 blends her passions for textile design and environmentalism. Her work is printed on eco-friendly material with water-based ink free of bleach and pesticides. She creates finished textiles, as well as artwork and designs for other companies. “It’s not going to be for everyone, but a lot of people who like it really like it, that they can see the human quality,” said the Academy graduate. “People don’t want to see everything that looks like something else.”

Winona Daily News – March 18

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