Welcome to the Online Student Orientation. This orientation is an overview of online classes at the Academy of Art University. This presentation will give you the information and tools you'll need to succeed in your online classes.

Part 1: Finding Your Way Around (13 minutes)

Welcome!  |  Where do I start?  |  What’s on my Home page?  |  How do I prepare for the semester?  |  What happens when the semester begins?  |  How do online classes work?  |  What does a module include?  |  How is a module set up?  |  How do I watch my videos?

Part 2: Submitting Your Homework (14 minutes)

What else do I need to do?  |  How will I take tests?  |  Where do I turn in my homework?  |  How does the Discussion work?  |  How do you post in the Discussion?  |  How does an online conversation work?  |  What’s on the main Discussion page

Part 3: Finding Your Feedback & Getting Help (11 minutes)

How will my instructor critique my work?  |  How do I make sure I don’t miss my feedback?  |  How do I know how I’m doing?  |  Are there any shortcuts in navigating through an online class?  |  Where can I get help?