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American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is an independent, nonprofit, student-run organization dedicated to providing unmatched programs, information, and resources on issues critical to architectural education. The mission of the AIAS is to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.

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Anime Club

We are the Anime Club: Season Two. We are a group of people coming together to share our mutual love of anime and anime culture. We meet every Friday from Noon to 5:00 pm. Our club time is split into two parts: during the first half we discuss anime culture and the various aspects of anime in order to learn all we can from it, and the second half is spent working on an interdepartmental collaborative comic book.

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Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is a place of community for all Black students, no matter where you are from in the world. We may not have all shared the same upbringing or location, but you would be surprised how much in common we all have when facing the rest of the world. This is a place for Black Students to come together and get to know each other. We share experiences and culture, talk about the issues, and simply have some fun being together free of the pressure to conform to social standards nor expectations. Whatever interests you as a fellow Black student, interests us and should be shared. We’re always looking for new and fun club activities. We welcome you because in our eyes, you are family.

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Chinese Students Association

Academy of Art University Chinese Students Association (AAUCSA) is a student organization. We are a non-profit and non-political organization dedicated to the goal of promoting social, intellectual and cultural activities for Chinese students at Academy of Art University as well as other interested members in the Academy community.

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Christian Student Fellowship

The Christian Student Fellowship is for anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior but we also welcome non-believers in order to share the gospel with them. Prayer, Bible Study, Salvation, Stewardship, Evangelism and Faith are virtues that manifest in our circle of loving disciples. Our diverse group of members contribute to the roundtable discussions regarding pressing issues in the world and locally, sharing testimonies and blessings, prayer requests and club outings all while keeping each other good company.

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Comic Book Club

This is the place to be for all Academy students who like to read and/or make comics, graphic novels, and manga. We will have guest speakers join us from time to time to share about their experiences with the industry. Come hang out with us to talk about what's great in comics and bring your art materials along if you want to create while we chat.

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Drama Club

The Drama Club at Academy of Art University is an open opportunity to be a part of a theatrical production. Members collaborate to produce, write, choreograph, and perform to ensure that “the show must go on”. The club contains multiple areas like improvisation and variety shows where students get to discover and display their talent live. Commitment and ingenuity has driven this club for many years and is a subsidiary to the School of Acting.

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Fine Arts Online Club

For Academy of Art University Fine Arts alumni and current students - undergraduate and graduate - who take classes online, on-campus, or both. Any and all majors in the Fine Arts department are welcome. Connect with online and on-campus students and alumni in your area, across the country, and around the world. Share your artwork and art tips, ideas, and techniques on our Facebook group. Once a year or so, we may choose to have a Fine Arts day where members can meet and spend a fun-filled day together.


Gaming at Academy of Art University


Ideation Club

Ideation is the process of forming ideas. Ideation Club focuses on concept art, as well as how to prepare yourself for the real world. We hold lectures/discussions, creative workshops, and critique sessions for our members, as well as keep them informed of upcoming events and open projects or job opportunities.

Becoming part of the Ideation Club enables you to be part of an established visual development community. Through club meetings we are able to learn new or build on existing concepts taught in and out of the classroom. Previous lectures/discussions include topics like: How to Give/Take Critique, Business Cards and Websites, and Freelancing Basics. Previous guest lecturers are: Erik Tiemens and Bernardo Warman.

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Improv Club

Improv Club is comprised of students who are interested in learning and bettering the skills necessary to create scenes and stories based solely off audience suggestion and our own imaginations. The club focuses on team-building, “group mind” games and giving students a safe environment to express themselves, create characters, and develop meaningful relationships on stage. Students from the club meetings will be selected to perform as the Academy Improv Team in 3 shows throughout the semester. These shows are completely free and will showcase the skills and abilities learned throughout the semester. If you enjoy making things up in a meaningful and structured way, Improv Club would love to have you join us. We meet on Wednesdays at 7pm in 466 Townsend.

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Indian Student Association

The Indian Student Association (ISA) aims at creating a home away from home feeling for Indian students and those who appreciate Indian culture at Academy of Art University through cultural celebrations and interactive meetings. We intend to build a helpful nexus of Indian and non-Indian students within which all members can find the answers to their academic and non-academic problems and share the joy of similar or diverse cultural backgrounds.

ISA is a group of students who truly care about all aspects of the college experience. Join our network for help finding housing, picking classes, our meeting friends. Together we can build an international network of budding professionals who are excited about helping one another and remaining in touch after our time here at Academy of Art University.

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Indonesian Student Association (PERMIAS)

PERMIAS stands for Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat, which translates to Indonesian Student Association in the United States. Our presence serves as the representative of Indonesian students at Academy of Arts University. We strive to make the organization a second home for our Indonesian student fellows. Our programs are based off the vision to build harmonious, active and solid community as well as promoting the cultural diversity of Indonesia. It is our pleasure to assist the students for their initial integration and familiarization with the campus and its surrounding. Join and experience PERMIAS, expand your network and horizon with us.

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Jewelry & Metal Arts Club

The Academy of Art University Jewelry and Metal Arts Guild seeks to provide a network of information, education, and support for students in the Academy of Art University Jewelry and Metal Arts program.  The organization aims to offer students a forum to share ideas, promote their work, form collaborations, and share information about scholarships, exhibitions and job and internship opportunities.  Potential events that the club could support could include guest lectures by industry professionals, exhibitions or trunk shows of student work, an annual catalog of student work, and support for student participation in conferences such as the SNAG Annual Conference and the Yuma Art Symposium.  The group will also provide additional opportunities for student engagement with faculty and student representatives through monthly meetings and participation in department events, such as Open Studios.

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Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Kappa Sigma’s main objective is based on building a better man, while encouraging him to participate in as many other campus organizations that he may choose. More specifically, Kappa Sigma looks to provide the opportunity for the male student to enhance his fellowship circle, leadership skills, scholastic involvement, and service contribution to the local community.

Since its founding at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869, Kappa Sigma has initiated more than 245,000 men throughout the United States and Canada. Our proud history of producing campus leaders who go on to succeed in business, government, the armed services, sports, entertainment and the arts has led to Kappa Sigma’s continuous and unparalleled growth across the continent.

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LIVE LIFE OUTLOUD! OutLoud is a social advocacy club for the Academy of Art University's queer community. It is a place to connect our diverse community to opportunities, resources, and to each other to achieve a vision of a stronger, healthier, and more equitable place for queer people and our allies by organizing events, celebrating our history and culture, and building resources to create a legacy for our current and future students. OutLoud strives to serve the full spectrum of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities, working to create a safe environment for everyone.

We are here to empower and unite queer students and allies through advocacy and support. OutLoud not only provides a fun, safe environment to organize events and address queer issues, but also a place to meet a diverse group of people and make new friends. Learn and participate in our club activities and events such as game nights, movie nights, outings, SF Pride, LGBTQ conferences, volunteer opportunities and much more.

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Sigma Delta Sorority

As rare as a ruby, as classy as a pearl, Academy of Art University's finest, the Sigma Delta girls. We are a sorority that strives to create a community based on loyalty, friendship, and community service for women of Academy of Art University through events that build relationships, leadership, and social awareness. Join a network of accepting and supportive sisters and form lifelong bonds with strong, proactive women. Together we foster ideals of helping our community while encouraging individual growth for each member.

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Art U Table Tennis Club

The Table Tennis Club's main goal is to positively train members’ minds and bodies, and to enhance the University experience. We will learn, practice, train and play the sport of table tennis, have club discussions, friendly competitions, camps, weekend hang outs and physical conditioning to improve our stamina and shape (optional). We welcome members of any skill-level and can accommodate to members' wants and needs in the club. Some benefits include improved leadership and teamwork skills, and increased connections in the University.

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Tea Time Animation

The goal of Tea Time is to bring together current students and Alumni to discuss industry and department related news and concerns, facilitate lectures by guest speakers, nurture communication between the student body and the Animation Department and finally to provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer critique. We are a networking resource for the student community.

Being a part of Tea Time gives you an opportunity to be part of a constantly growing peer network of professionals. We are an opportunity for you to get more out of your education and learn what it takes to become the future of our industry. Focused on being adaptable to any student who is interested, your involvement can be anything from attending our weekly meetings to participating in our large online community. You’ll have the opportunity to join face-to-face discussions with industry professionals, ask questions, and really get the answers you’re looking for.

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Urban Knights Radio

Flagship radio station with a content range spanning music, sports, and talk radio. Caters not only to the needs and interests of the student body, but also to anyone interested in quality radio produced by experienced student hosts.

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Veterans Club

The Veterans Club at Academy of Art University’s main objective is to be a support system for veterans. We also like to take the opportunity to educate those who have not served in the military about what it is like to serve.

Being a part of the Veterans Club creates a social network where veterans can openly discuss post service issues such as posttraumatic stress, grief, loss, reintegration, employment, and educational pursuits. Join us to take part in San Francisco’s Fleet Week and other military sponsored events. Join our Facebook group to get updates on BAH each month or potential job opportunities that are targeted towards Veterans.

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The VIVA LATINO club provides an open space for Latino and non-Latino students to celebrate multiculturalism in the Academy of Art University community. We are a social and cultural organization that provides recreational activities such as: movie nights, Spanish classes, and salsa dancing classes. The club also organizes activities off campus such as visits to parks, cultural centers, and museums.

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Our mission is to have a community of different cultures and creative intellectuals that want to seek a deeper understanding of the world. Our purpose is to innovate ideas and change the environment around us through research, dialogue, and public speaking. We engage, inspire and take action by having talks and sharing them with the world.

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Women in Visual Development

A study club at ArtU for women and supportive gentlemen in the Visual Development department. As women are underrepresented in the Visual Development field, the goal of this club is to provide support to women in Vis Dev at ArtU. Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome, as well as students who are in other departments such as animation, who have an interest in Visual Development. Our goal is to have a designated room in 540 Powell that each week will be available for us to study, draw, critique, discuss, and share resources. The room will serve as an open, drop-in study space where students can come and go as they please, work on their homework, and receive support from their peers. We aim to create a supportive and fun environment for Visual Development students to be productive and collaborative. We're looking into having a faculty advisor who would be willing to lead us in an occasional group critique or pitch day to help us excel. Overall, our vision is to provide a dependable space where we can work on our homework, build a network, and benefit from the diverse ArtU community.

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ArtU Zine Club

We are Academy of Art University’s premier zine creation and celebration club! Zines are self-published small circulation collections of alternative text and images. Their primary purpose is to cheaply disclose information to as many people as possible. But recently, they’ve become the contemporary artist book of choice. So many students create zine projects, so why not have a club about them? Zines combine discovery and diversity, and our hope is that our club will house the talents of as many majors as possible.

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