Frequently Asked Questions and Directions for Completing the Process

What is Self Assignment?

Once a new applicant for campus housing has completed his or her housing application and has paid the $500.00 deposit the next step is to complete a housing assignment. The housing assignment is the actual building and room the student will live in, and students at the Academy of Art University have the unique privilege to pick exactly where they’ll be living from what is available via the online Self Assignment system.


Where do I go to complete self assignment?

To complete online self assignment, please go directly to the following link: Please use the screen shot tutorial found below to assist you in the self assignment process.


When does Self Assignment Take Place?

At the end of every academic term current residents in campus housing are offered the opportunity to renew their Housing License Agreement and have first pick for their housing assignment. Once the period for continuing residents to self assign for the coming academic term has passed new applicants get the opportunity to self assign. Since the Housing Department accepts applications up to one year in advance, students who apply early will not get to self assign immediately, but will be emailed link to complete their self assignment online closer to the start of the academic term. This delay is because the Housing Department will not be able to give you an accurate list of what housing assignments are available until we can assess who will not be returning from the previous semester. Traditionally we begin sending the self assignment link to students 1-2 months before the start of the academic term. As the time comes closer to the start of the academic term, later applicants can apply, pay their deposit, and then immediately complete their self assignment.


Why won't the page open/load when I click the link?

The self assignment system is only supported by Internet Explorer (version 8 or better) and Firefox. Unfortunately the system will not work on any browser except Internet Explorer or Firefox; this includes but is not limited to Safari and Google Chrome.


How do I complete the process?

Completing your housing assignment is easy! Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to complete the process.

Completing the Self Assignment Process

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