ARC Workshops & Tutoring offers many support options for students, which fall into two categories: Departmental Workshops and Intensive Workshops.

  • ARC Intensive Workshops are onsite-only and by appointment. These are smaller groups that offer help in more general subject areas and software. Click here for the Intensive Workshop schedule.

  • ARC Workshops by Department are course-specific in each academic department, and available on a drop-in basis only. The schedules below list both onsite and online workshops by department.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of these free services to help with classes and assignments. Please note that ARC Workshops are not a substitute for attending class, and are very effective when added to weekly attendance and full participation in class.


Unless otherwise noted, workshops begin Week 3 and run through Week 13. Please check individual schedules, contact tutoring@academyart.edu, or call 415-618-3865 for more information.

ARC Intensive Workshops (Onsite)

By Appointment Only

ARC Intensive Workshops are small-group onsite workshops offered by appointment only. For class-specific help or a drop-in schedule, please see the “ARC Workshops by Department” schedules below.

Subjects include:

  • Sketching for Communication and Perspective
  • Analysis of Form and Figure Drawing
  • Basic Mac and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Advertising and Graphic Design
  • Traditional and Digital Illustration
  • Visual Presentation for Midpoint and Final Review
  • Art History

ARC Intensive Workshops Schedule
Sign up for a 50-minute appointment at tutortrac.academyart.edu or drop in.

Need help making, changing, or canceling an appointment? Watch this video.

Questions? Please contact us at tutoring@academyart.edu.

to Schedule an Appointment

ARC Workshops by Department

Drop-In Only

ARC Online Workshops


Many online classes have workshops built into the class. Accessing them is easy:

  • Log in to your Online Class
  • Click on the WORKSHOPS tab
  • Select the ARC Online Workshop you want
  • Post questions to the DISCUSSION board tab
  • Click the LIVE MEETING ROOM tab at the date/time listed for a "real time" workshop

Always click the LIVE MEETING ROOM tab to mark your attendance.
NOTE: Not all workshops have a LIVE MEETING ROOM

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