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Annual Spring Show

Industry Professionals Arrive at the Airport Ready to Check Out the Brilliant Work at Spring Show
Industry Professionals Arrive at the Airport Eager to Attend Spring Show

Spring Show 2010 Top Industry Quotes

I am really amazed at the level of work. The students seem to improve each year, and this time out I see a growth in concept art/visual development and character design. There's more fun and imaginative and it certainly puts them more on our radar.
Conrad Montgomery, Current Programming & Creative Affairs, Walt Disney Animation TV

What I admire about the Academy of Art is their interest in their students' careers in the world of art. This is one of the few schools I have visited that spends time, effort, and money in prepping their students for the future.
Richard Solomon, Richard Solomon Artist Representatives, Art on a Grand Scale

My focus this year was on the graphic design class – always a strong output – one of the strongest in comparison to programs on the east coast such as MassArt and RISD.
Richard Davia, Principal, Brand Experience, CONTINUUM

I was very impressed with the work that I saw in all the departments. It definitely seems like you have an extraordinarily vibrant school and community there.
Eric Roth, Executive Director, Visual Effects Society

The event was really well–organized. Of course the biggest pleasure was in seeing your top students. There were a few students from each discipline that were really stunning.
Waylon Brinck, CG Supervisor, Electronic Arts

This was a wonderful experience...the scope of the Spring Show really needed to be experienced in person rather than by description on the web or phone. It was enlightening to be there…
Steve Inglima, Explorers of Light, Canon USA

As always, I am always amazed at not just the students that present their work, but the AAU professionals organizing such an event. All of you are to be commended on your skills at putting such an event on. Congratulations to all of you for a very successful 2010 spring show.
Jeff Teague, Owner /CCO, JTDNA

I thought the event was quite nice as a whole – many inspiring pieces and professional staff and students.
Jacques Flynn, Senior Designer, Mazda

I spent most of my time with the Digital students and felt that they were very prepared and loved what they had accomplished and learned.
Pam Reeve, Owner, Pamela Reeve Agency

What a marvelous experience! Everything was organized extremely well logistically… I am beyond impressed with the facilities and all the incredible happenings!
Steve Rohr, Publicist, Lexicon PR

I was impressed with the quality of the work. The student works were well thought thru and from a design point of view but also from a technical point of view. What was shown could be built.
Marie–Paule Petitjean, Partner, BBG–BBGM

What I and the members of the Rhythm & Hues team liked best was the improvement we saw in the submissions. We all felt that there were reels that could be straight hires that would not have to go into our Apprentice Program for Animators.
Barbara McCullough, Manager of Recruitment, Rhythm & Hues Studios

We were blown away by the show – honestly, we could not pick the best painting. There were so many that were exquisite. Better than some non–student art shows we've seen. I think there was more quality than we saw two years ago. We would like to have some of them be in our Great American Figurative Show in November.
Diane Waterhouse, Waterhouse Gallery

It was an amazing group of grads this year, so congrats!
Debra Blanchard, Manager of Recruitment, Blue Sky Studios

I had an amazing time! I was so impressed on how well the show ran – from pick up to drop off, the professionalism of the students, the friendly staff – super amazing. We are actively interviewing several students AND cross your fingers, we may be able to hire at least 2.
Meagan Johnston, Studio Recruiter, Sucker Punch Productions

I'm a huge fan of the Academy and it's because of the talent that comes out there. Consistently they are awarded, working and exhibited. The brilliant, dedicated staff have found some great ways to bring out the best in these new artists.
Damon Webster, President, Photo Induced

The 2D artists at the Academy of Art are amazing! It was a pleasure to view their work.
Lindsay Speth, Human Resources, Telltale Games

I certainly felt like majority of students that I met with are industry ready. Even though we're busy with a studio relocation currently, there are a few students I think we'll be looking at more closely with job/internship opportunities in the near future. We'll also be looking to hire additional artists after we ship our next title in Q4.
Peter Taylor Jones, CEO & Co–founder, Retro Affect (AAU alumnus)

The hosting was superb. Everything was provided to make a long day and enjoyable day. We looked at six different departments including my own area of architecture, and were deeply impressed with the work we saw. Outstanding.
Donald Grant, Architect

We had a great time visiting the school. The staff was very cordial and professional, as were the majority of the students we spoke with. Overall we were very impressed with the quality of work (especially in the field of Vis Dev.) We have submitted a handful of the students to our producers for review for possible employment in this area.
Matt Flynn, Artist, Illumination Entertainment

Spring Show was terrific! I was very pleased with how smooth everything went. I felt there were three students that I could immediately represent. They are incredibly marketable because their creative was strong and they had such a diverse use of new media.
Deanne McLean, President, Deanne McLean & Company

Talent was outstanding. I'm always impressed.
Steve Hall, Editor, Adrants

As previously, the show was well planned and the staff very helpful.
Jo Carmen, Principal, Perkins & Will

I found the whole experience incredible! The quality of the whole school organization, personnel, facilities and planning was first class. I was very impressed. The attention to detail was impeccable. I found the caliber of work at the Academy surprisingly excellent. Tom and Hideki are doing a great job.
Mark Jordan, CCO, JTDNA

Overall strong showing for the school. Really enjoyed seeing the talented illustrators and entertainment focused work.
Tisha Johnson, Senior Designer, Volvo