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Annual Spring Show

Industry Professionals Arrive at the Airport Ready to Check Out the Brilliant Work at Spring Show


Spring Show 2011 Top Industry Quotes

Overall, I had a great experience. The amount and diversity of talent at the Academy is very impressive. It was great to see fine art – painting, sculpture, etc. along with industrial design, graphic design, architecture, etc. I felt there was a broad range of skill and "readiness" within the Industrial Design students.
Robert Matthes, Mattel

I just wanted to thank you again for a well-organized event; I had a very positive experience and met with some wonderful students and teachers.
Lauren Sankovitch, Marvel Comics

Honestly, all of the work was impressive. I must say, it's refreshing to see students with excellent drawing skills. The technical mastery of techniques both traditional and digital was at a very high level.
David LaFleur, American Greetings

Having not personally been up there in a couple years, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the evolution in the overall show presentation & the caliber of the talent/reels that I was seeing. I was impressed with improvements in the show's set up and professionalism, as well as the general talent level of the kids I met...not to mention the number of students participating.
Rob Taylor, Pendulum Studios

We had a very pleasant experience.
Michelle Robinson, Disney Animation TV

We had a really great time. You have some very talented artists and everyone we met with was polite and professional.
Chad Hellmuth, Sony Imageworks

The amount of organization involved putting together the show was incredibly fabulous. The Fine Art products were incredibly outstanding. Fine Art: [was] on par, or above the industry standard.
Howard Lin, ZOIC

We discovered some fabulously talented artists – wow!!!
Diane Waterhouse, Waterhouse Gallery

Strong work overall. Strong logistics as usual.
Ron Miriello, Miriello Grafico

Thank you for the great hospitality that the Academy provided...I am impressed by the work of the students.
Wayne Yutani, Teague

We had a wonderful visit. My favorite was of course the sculpture show. There was a wonderful variety of materials. Most of the pieces showed a high level of sophistication that's rare in student work. There were some pieces, like the (Il Jong Kim ), that are on a professional level. Much of the work crossed disciplines in several areas and showed good fabrication skills, as well as modeling.
Eugene Daub, Sculptor

I believe the students were well prepared. One department that really impressed me was Foundations...the work presented was, in my opinion, outstanding. In that, I believe, is the secret to all the subsequent work from the different classes being successful. The Industrial Design department was also, in my opinion, remarkable. The aesthetics were impressive, the students were excited as well as knowledgeable, and the solutions to the design problems were quite effective.
Lawrence Noble, Sculptor

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